The music that I chose to represent my culture is one of my favorite songs by V.Music. The name of this music video is “ Que huong toi” (my mother land). V.music band is a group of 4 Vietnamese boys. V.music band began at the end of 2009/beginning of 2010. The 4 Vietnamese boys are young and very active, who love music and dream to be stars one day. In two years working together they had produced 4 albums and 3 singles. During the year of 2011 V.music was one of the most popular bands in Vietnam.  They had success present “Vietnam ngay moi” album which make them become more popular. Vietnam Ngay Moi had brought V.music so many awards. They also went on tour in Thai Lan for a big night event. Album Vietnam Ngay Moi was a 12-song track about Vietnam from the north to the south and the changing in Vietnam of today and back then. The band put them in different endowment to record the music clip. It shows the beauty of Vietnam and their life growing up.

“Que Huong Toi” is one of the sound track in V.music album that I really like. It not just a regular music clip but also the clip remind me so much of my cultural, Vietnam is part of my culture it’s a place where my childhood memories are. It’s a place that makes me who I am today. The clip was about 4 boys, who go to a different country to get education. In their heart, no mater where they are in this world, the love for their motherland is still there. They never forget their homeland and are never ashamed of it. In the clip they also talk about the different states in the Vietnam. Like Ha Noi, Sai Gon and others. They also show a tradition Vietnamese dress Ao Dai. The clip speaks a lot about Vietnam culture. If you can understand the lyrics of the song you can actually be amazed. It feels like you’re in Vietnam at that moment.

Vietnam is my native land, I lived in Ho Chi Minh and I have so many memories of that place. I had to leave Vietnam for almost 6 years, but there will be nothing that can replace this motherland, even though I’m on the other side of the Earth, 12 hours different. I have friend who I grew up with, who I still talk to today. Memories of being in school, being around those friends. Like the lyrics of the song “ I’m proud to tell people that I'm from Vietnam” a country that will continue to grow and change everyday. People who live in different country will share the same the same culture as I’m.