Vaya Noah Vaya!

The purpose of this project is to teach a non-Spanish speaking person how to speak Spanish so living in a Spanish spanking country can be more comfortable. The goals we set for this project are he/she will know how to ask and answer questions in the pas and present tense. They should understand when and how to use verbs in the past tense. He will understand the difference in the past tense and present tense. The goals are important because the lessons taught can help in everyday situations. Referring to the final project, we are especially proud of our over all Idea and effort the we put into creating our project. If we had a chance to start this project over we would have a better planning system. We would have given ourselves a small window of time to make a rough draft of the entire project and not just have to rush in headfirst. Questions that we have for Noah are why did he go to Spain not knowing how to speak Spanish and how hard was it to understand the lessons in the videos.