Victoria Odom Capstone

Victoria Odom

The goal of my capstone is to show the expression of natural hair I want to share hairstyle ideas with other aspiring naturals.


The initial inspiration behind my hair website is the beauty I use to see in natural hair. Viewing others with long curly hair inspired me to go natural myself and from that day on I have been. Although I have always had curly hair it was unhealthy and damaged but research was key for me to get my hair to the health state it’s in now. Today I see more and more women and even some men rocking their natural hairstyles and that encouraged me to share that with others.

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Annotated Bibliography

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This website talks about hair and how hair has been shaped in history. Giving information on the long period of hairstyling from buns to twists. This source isn’t that helpful but I can use it to talk about how far styles from the past have been reinvented today.

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This website gives the ins and outs of how to start a blog. It includes basic details and information that help create a good looking blog. It also has links to other resources that talk about blogging and how to make it successful.

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This article specifically asks the question “what do white guys think about natural hair?” I think this great because it gives not only the opposite sexes opinion but also of the opposite race. The reaction were very surprising to me because a lot of them were more accepting of the hair than black men.

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This article gives information about the start of black hair care. Starting from slaves all the way to the present It gives details on how far blacks have come and expresses the opinion of how blacks should celebrate their culture and where what they were born with.

“Natural Hair Vs. Corporate America” Ebony: Style. Maryline Dossou 3 July. 2013. Web. 30 Jan. 2014


This website is an article that talks about natural hair and the way it is viewed in the corporate world. I can you this to express my own opinion and share world that society views natural hair as unprofessional. This can help me to explain the “why?” in the situation.

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This article expresses a women’s opinion of the expression “I am not hair” by her saying “I am my hair”. She talks about how natural hair is the type of hair that grows from your scalp and it itself represents who you are. I cna you this to express my own opinion of how I think your hair defines how you are and just because it’s not the why “society” likes it, doesn’t mean you have to change it.

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This article specifically states what your peers think of you just by looking at your hair. It doesn’t just talk about hair styles but the different colors, lengths, parture, cut, and thickness.  I can use this site as a guide to help separate the different according to what they look like.

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This can come in handy to not only creating a blog but actually making it successful. It gives key details that I could you to spread world about my blog and make sure it is appealing to the eye. This website also gives information to have me stayed organized and on track with doing blog entries.

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This website site talks about the history of hair stylers such and brushes and combs. These stylers have been around for millions of years but have evolved over time. It gives specific info on the evolution of hir tools. I can you these in the blog to talk about what tools are better to use for specific hair types.