Views From Society

​My podcast is just raw opinion about the people of society today in age. I interviewed two poeple who gave me their honest opinion about society, gender roles, people, religion, etc. I would say that overall, I rached my goal with the type of answers that I wanted and I really appreciate the fact that they were just being honest and true to themselves. 

The road to finishing this podcast was a stressful one. Throughout the work process I hit many road blocks and had to do many things from scratch again so that pushed me behind in the end. Overall this was a difficult thing to pull of being that we had to juggle two projects in one class. It was difficult getting people to interview, it was difficult editing, and it was difficult making something I was proud of. But in the end I overcame what stood in my way and got the podcast done and I would like to say that I am proud of the work I produced. 
Pedro's Urban Jungle- Views From Society

Comments (7)

Ishmael Brown (Student 2017)
Ishmael Brown

Some very interesting topics touched here that I think a lot more people need to hear. It's hard to say whether or not any utopia would be achievable, but what I do think is important that we still strive to create one every day.

Aaron Watson-Sharer (Student 2017)
Aaron Watson-Sharer

Pedro, I enjoyed this piece. You thought outside the box throughout this project. The music was really good and I was thinking this was almost really NPR. A weakness wasn't really spotted for me.

Strengths: Intro, the music, and the editing.

Griffin Gallagher (Student 2017)
Griffin Gallagher

I have to agree with everyone else, the musical accommodations to your vocal piece complimented your podcast very well! The intro has to be my favorite part of the musical pieces.

Liliana Guercio (Student 2017)
Liliana Guercio

Your intro was amazing! I really loved your music choice. I feel like your music fit really well with your podcast. Your voice fit well into the music as well. Your podcast overall was really good I feel like having the people you interviewed do different views or have someone with a view be added to bring out your topic better. But really nice job It was very interesting.

Jun-Jie Zou (Student 2017)
Jun-Jie Zou

I really enjoyed the music and the choice of topic. This topic is very interesting and I was very engaged. I cannot really think of an improvement for you because this podcast was really well done.

Matthew Willson (Student 2017)
Matthew Willson

The podcast was sick. The music in the intro and the background music sounds great, you can tell you worked hard on creating it, and the questions you asked gave the interviewees good solid topics to talk about. One idea for improvement would be to get multiple different views on the topic, the people you interviewed kind of had a very similar point of view.

Chiara Nemati (Student 2017)
Chiara Nemati

I really enjoyed your intro! Your music and the tone of your voice made the whole thing sound mystical. It was cool. I like that you also gave your opinion.