Visual Project

In 1868, the KKK started to spread through out the United States of America. At this point of time in the nation, they were rebuilding to construct the government again. Also the buildings were already destroyed and the KKK did not help that. America did not need this kind of thing at this period of time. KKK makes the lives of all Americans in this year worse than it can be. Also they killed people they didn't like, it was bad.

Since all this, I thought I would make a poster about this situation. About how this nation needs to know about the terrible things the KKK have been doing that have to be stopped immediately. They are hurting the country and are not needed at this point in time. I mentioned that they should come to the towns meeting so we can discuss the problems. Since this was a while ago, there was no social media.  

So this is my visual project of reconstruction.