Vivian Pham- PART 2: Reflection

B. Reflect in full sentences with correct grammar on SLATE
  1. The video that we watched in class today showed a boy name Jack getting bullied in school and there are emoji's on the video at certain parts where when we click on it, it shows what should happen. Like when Jack thought a guy was going to hit him, when the emoji gets clicked on it shows him giving him a high five
  2. What does this video bring to your mind in reference to the topic of bullying? The topic of bullying is very strong and sensitive, and it is something that everyone has either experienced or saw happen in their lifetime. And many know that bullying is a very harsh thing that has a huge impact on the person who is getting bullied. Bullying can mean more than just words, it can mean actions, and the results of getting bullied.
  3. Who are you online, how do you appear? There isn't much content about me personally, but there is a lot of content about those with the same name as me
  4. How do you think people perceive you, based on this appearance? I think people may perceive me as someone who does go on social media a lot, and social media is a big part of my life. And I spend a huge majority of my free time online just surfing the web. 
  5. What is the goal of internet trolls? to make someone online feel bad by posting inappropriate comments on their social media or upsetting them in any way using their words. They would do anything to make anyone feel bad. 
  6. What are the positive and negative results of online anonymity? The positive results of online anonymity is maybe being able to post anything or say anything online like on a blog post or something without anyone finding out your identity regarding posting something. The negative results of anonymity would probably have to be if someone were to cyberbully someone or send threats and this person who is getting bullied wants to tell someone or report this person, this person wouldn't be able to because this person is anonymous

We looked at this web page to describe Internet Trolls - LINK