Vivian Pham Capstone

My Tribute To Dance Documentary: My capstone process came along pretty slowly, I spent a lot of the time trying to figure out every detail that I wanted to come out of my dance documentary. I found that even spending a few minutes looking through what I had so far, it brought me to my final product. I ran my ideas through friends and teachers about what my focus on the documentary be. After brainstorming, I knew that I wanted the focus of the documentary to be about my experience. Ultimately, I wanted to make my whole documentary a tribute, through home videos, photos, and videos. Connecting that with how I can take steps to revisit the feeling I felt when dancing, and that taking small steps makes all the difference. My final product is called “My Tribute To Dance Documentary”, in this documentary I told my story, I collaborated with my peers as well as mentors outside of school. The layout of the documentary was to tell my story in chapters, in each chapter I discuss what dance meant to me during that time, as a child, a preteen, and teenager/young adult. All of the segments came together to form one main idea, to highlight my journey of rediscovering dance. I used to be super close minded in regards to dance, and how I would never be able to regain that part of me again. Through this process, I found out that I could. Bibliography: "A Dancer's Brain Develops in a Unique Way." University of Helsinki. May 03, 2018. Accessed January 24, 2019. Adding onto one of the sources that I wanted to incorporate into my capstone addressing scientific studies involving dance. Using the research about how dancing also affects a dancer’s brain because there are a lot of ways that I never really thought about when it came to dance, I felt invigorated when I was dancing. And I felt like I wanted to make sure that I could explain how important dance is not only as something that aspiring dancers want to learn, but also the healthy effects of it. This is an important knowledgeable section of the capstone that I would need to be able to provide the website that I will create with the information that is provided. "Dancing and the Brain." Sugar and the Brain | Department of Neurobiology. Accessed January 24, 2019. Personally, I felt like I wanted to incorporate the mental and physical benefits of dance in the terms with my personal experience. I haven’t fully done research on the effects of dance on mental health because I’ve always been so sure that I fully believe that my mental health and attitude about life is a huge improvement for me. This will provide my capstone with a knowledgeable aspect that I connect to. I selected this source because there is an in depth scientific breakdown that I relate and agree with. I think it was just interesting to read more and write about the mental effects of the brain when it comes to dance and the stimulating portions of the brain in relation to dance. Daniellecleary Follow. "Features of Documentaries." LinkedIn SlideShare. July 11, 2012. Accessed January 25, 2019. This source provides information about the elements of documentaries and about the aspects of documentaries that work well and produces a documentary with elements that captures the audience’s attention as well as conveying my message about dance being a core part of the person I was and am today. Like elements about interviews, using the research from this source to identify how the flow of the dialogue would look and be. Also through this source, being strategic with lighting and the mood of the video. I also didn’t understand the dramatisation to be apart of the documentary, and through this source, I will use the sense of drama to portray the dialogue or the voiceover that will be playing as the video clips pass. Dise, Justin. "Filmmaking 101: Camera Shot Types." About B&H | B&H Photo Video. July 12, 2016. Accessed January 25, 2019. I selected this source because although I do have some basics on recording videos and editing them, a documentary is something that is more complex and different than other videos that I’ve worked on. I assume that there are similar shots that I could use in the documentary that I’ve used for other videos that I have recorded and edited, but I wanted to identify and narrow down a shot list that would fit the tone and mood of a documentary, a tribute to dance. Through this source, I learned more about using an extreme long shot to establish the setting that the video will be. And using it in a way that’ll match my voiceover. I also learned through this source to use a bunch of medium shots that are all varied in different ways. "DWMFAM Student Stories: I Dance And All My Bad Energy Is Released." Dance With Me Studios. February 01, 2017. Accessed January 25, 2019. In order to create questions that I would want to ask dance partners and teachers I wanted to use this source to understand other dancers’ perspectives and ask them questions that are nongeneric. There are a lot of compelling stories that I read about in this source and the different ways that dance has impacted these dancers. And it’s also just really interesting, personally, to read about other dancers’ experiences because as much as there will be some similarities to my experience compared to others, there are a lot of differences that I want to capture in my documentary. Applying these personal stories to the creation of the questions for other dancers. Lepard, Chase. "5 Crucial Web Design Tips for a Professional Site." Free Website Builder. October 08, 2018. Accessed January 25, 2019. I selected this source because as one of my end product of this capstone, I will be creating a website using that program and taking tips and advice that makes a good website design. This is an important portion of my capstone because throughout this whole process, everything that I will be working on will be designed and perfected because not only is it something that I love to do, but it’s just also the kind of student I am. This source will be helpful in inspiring designs that I want to set the tone and mood of the documentary as well as the website colors and the font types and sizes. All in all, using this source as an outlet for my website outlet. Modero Dance. Accessed January 25, 2019. The website to the old dance company that I used to be apart, as well as the company that my old dance teacher created. This source will help for me to generate some questions that I will ask my old dance teacher when I interview her as well as when I record some of her classes. Reflecting back to my experience as a student dancer in her class and wondering if there are any changes since the last time I danced with them. The mission statement on the website gave me insight on the creation of the shots and questions that I want to ask my dance teacher. This is especially helpful because although I was apart of this dance company and I didn’t even know the details of the mission of the company, it was always just something I knew I loved and didn’t really understand or know the personal impact that it was on my dance teacher. "Koresh Dance Company." Koresh Dance Company. Accessed January 25, 2019. Information that I will mention in my documentary discussing about the different mission of dance companies to reference a point that I will make. To emphasize my point being that dance means something different to everyone, and that through telling my story about dance is different from the others. To possibly allow for the audience to interpret that dance is such a wide range occupation, interest, hobby, etc. I also feel like it’s important to reference the different dance companies and incorporate the whole dance community into my documentary. "New Research on Memory From Psychological Science." Association for Psychological Science. Accessed January 25, 2019. chological-science-2.html One thing about something that I remembered about dance, was that it took a lot of memory and that was something that I was always proud of about myself, and I wanted to find a source that deals with the explanation about memory. Reflecting on my years of dance in middle school, I had the best memory when it came to dance as well as academically and socially. But once high school came around, I lost track of dance and I lost finding the strength to memorize things. This source is useful because it provides a better understanding on my health in the terms of memory and having my questions answered about how dance involves memory “The History of Balinese Dance.” Tempo English, TEMPO.CO, 19 Feb. 2014, This source provides information about the rich history of Indonesian dance and why it was a history that I heavily enjoyed and loved to dance to, a majority of my middle school career. It was a culture that was so unknown to me but yet once I tried to learn more about it through dance, I was just so engulfed in it, I was obsessed with dance in general, but it wasn’t Indonesian dance, it was a completely different style. But it was still something that caught my eye and remained a part of me for almost 6 years, even know if I stopped dancing with them. "UNESCO - Three Genres of Traditional Dance in Bali." Link to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Website. Accessed January 24, 2019 More information about Indonesian dance, and the different symbols that are depicted within the moves and postures that are within this culture. ---- could use this to take pictures of these moves--- or even take my own pictures of me doing these moves to be apart of the photo series --- showing moves and the symbols. Showing how intricate dance is and how important it is to have in everyone’s life and a reason why I love it so much. Almost, using the information to convince any reader or audience that dance is an important thing to understand and possibly do. And dance is far more than just how society views it now, the way dance is portrayed nowadays versus how it used to be is misleading and unfair