Vocab Sentences

Eli Block

World war 2 was assuaged as the war came to an end.

In Jerusalem many jews are pietous.

During one of my brother’s rants I become vapid.

In many stories there is a malevolent character.

The Mbuti are indigenous to Africa

My dog sojourns  when I tell him to.

My grandfather expounds his political points.

When I am mad I become erratic.

Sometimes I can be very contentious.

When my mom tells me to take out the trash I begrudgingly agree.

Fishing string is often times discernible.

I love to be auspicious.

I quell quickly after getting mad.

Bees are benign and many people are scared of them.

When someone cries many people tacit each other.

Food is  benevolence.

When my friend insulted the teacher I was caught gaping.

Promptness- The promptness of the trolley is very reasuring.

Morbid- Not many people ask morbid questions.

Pulpit- A preacher stands on a pulpit.