7000 vs You

7000 vs You

Cigarettes are a big problem in US and around the world. More than over 17% of the US smokes and cause over 480,000 deaths almost every year. That’s ridiculous and only to tell you that it starts with young teens.

Smoking has been around for a while now and has recently died down since 2005 by 3% but that's 17% percent that I was talked about before was filled with 15% of teens smoke under the age of 18. Now to me thatś crazy and I bet that some of you didn’t even know some of these things I just told you and probably won’t know the things I’m about to tell you. The reason why smoking is so bad is because it’s increase in risks of incurable diseases such as lung cancer.

Lung cancer. Smoking causes 80 to 90 percent of lung cancer cases in the US. This happens from all of the over 7000 chemicals in cigarettes and some of them give a more of a craving from flavored cigarettes appealing to the younger community and therefore increasing a higher death rate from cancer in young teens and all over the world setting a trend of how smoking is cool when it’s really is not at all.

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A photo of only a few different chemicals in cigarettes. Check this image out for more information here

If you’re a smoker then technically you’re a murderer because second hand smoke kills 7,500 people per year . That is a problem because this consists of young children, elders and innocent people. It also messes up yours and others brain for the worst. It cause the brain to create extra receptors just to feel the sensation of nicotine in your system therefore giving you less money because you are craving something that is expensive. Every time  you buy a pack of cigarettes you lose up to $10. But back to the brian, cigarettes mess up the human brain sometimes causing brain damage due to nicotine withdrawal which comes from you losing nicotine which causes those extra brain receptors that you’ve built up to not receive nutrients then possibly some sort of brain trauma or making a person go crazy from lack of nicotine.

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This picture shows how Nicotine builds those extra receptors in you brain

Those were just some facts about smoking and how bad it is but I want to tell you the reader a little story about my grandmother who smoked since she was 16 years of age and how that affected her life. My grandmother Linda was a lifetime smoker who enjoyed smoking and that ruined her life. Smoking made her crazy, poor and smell bad. Now I don’t like to speak on my grandmother that much because her addiction to nicotine has also affected my life for the worst as well. Smoking also gave her bronchitis which is a breathing disease in the bronchial glands and also gave a gum disease where she had rotten teeth that had to be removed. Now that sounds disgusting right? My grandmother is not a bad person, she is actually amazing but ever since she starting smoking or as it progressively gotten worse she gotten meaner in a since. Sometime she wouldn’t have the money to purchase cigarettes and would ask me. Most of the time I would pay for her addiction which I should´ve never done; But when I wouldn’t give her any money because either I didn’t have it or I didn’t want to give her the money she would get a really bad attitude and say things a grandmother shouldn’t say to her grandchild. What i’m trying to show you is that smoking changes people for the worse. It makes you very angry and upset and just not pleasant to be around.

Now speaking on the money issue with cigarettes, cigarette take up almost 80 million dollars  of the worlds pockets. Just like this picture shown here you’re basically burning your money away. Just imagine getting your check after a long week or 2 of work and cut it in half because that’s what your doing when you want to buy cigarettes that month. That is basically wasting money on suicide because every pack you smoke takes off 7-8 years

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A diagram of everything that I talked about.                     BAD facts about smoking effects on lungs

Infographic of second hand death...I meant smoke on children from ages 3-11Charts:

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