W2 D2 Printmaking - Ossowski

Printmaking is the process of carving on a surface, then rolling ink on it to print on paper. This is useful because you can use the same surface with the carvings again to print on paper. You can copy the picture again and again with the same surface.

It was invented by Daniel Hopfer, the invention started in China, then moved to the Middle East. Printmaking was used on walls, stone, and even bones from long ago. It is believed that the Egyptians didn't start using wood blocks until the 6th or 7th century. When doing this process the Hopfer not only invented the idea of multiplying something, but the roller also. Before that, they used the rubbing method.

This artist decided to do a animal near a tree when it is snowing. You can tell it is snowing from all the white on it. The artist creates space by making the hill and the tree close but not on the same angle. The face on the animal shows that it is scared of the viewer or is cold because of the snow. The contrast shows that it is dark. The tree in this also has texture so you know there aren’t any leaves, you know it is winter. I notice that the animal looks at the viewer with such sadness that you actually feel sad. When I saw this I knew I had to critique it because it gave me emotion. I honestly love this print because of that.