By: Loren Jenkins
Jamila Barrett

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Eryn James (Student 2013)
Eryn James

I like the playful spring time look for your layout. I also appreciated the amount of information I was given from your blog. I also liked how you actually started the articles with "Hi! This is reporter ….". Made the objective of the project stand out.

Jennifer Landham (Student 2013)
Jennifer Landham

Your blog is really neat and pretttyy looking. It gave me a lot of information about WCTU and how they helped people, and fought for things they believed in. I liked how you ended the first part, and you said " The most important thing is to realize for these women our society is actually better." I feel as if that was a real good conclusion for the article.

Gabrielle Nigro (Student 2013)
Gabrielle Nigro

I ike the design of your project nice job (: i like how you explained everything it seemed liek you were i the time with what was going on other then just reading facts. Its kept me reading i enjoyed this project it was full of great information!

Toni Marshall (Student 2013)
Toni Marshall

I enjoyed reading this presentation, it was very informative. I also liked the design on the presentation it made it enjoyable to read. I think that the writing could have been more personal, to make it seem like in the moment, rather than just facts.