Week 10 - Slideshow, Blog, Artist’s Statement// Sharron Norton

In the first quarter of my art class, we were giving 3 major assignments and these art pieces resulted in the finishing of a ceiling tile, fall theme hanging, and self-portrait. During the process of this task to complete, my artist mind was unleashed. Through trial and error, I was able to learn the true meaning of what an artist is. 
One of the important thing that happened during making art this quarter was beginning to possess a level of awareness with my art pieces.  By establishing a sense of a purpose to my work, I was able to explore the vast expansion of my creativities. Slowing, I became comfortable with letting this part of me run wild shaping the development as an artist. Traits of knowledge, desire, significance, and meaning began to show through my work each week. My understanding started to development each class we had, making it easier for viewers to actually see what I was trying to portray to others. And to maintain this gift, I feel the need for corrective criticism is well needed. This is leading to the action of showing your work in public and to communicate to viewers in a way.  By this, you are able to see mistakes you never would have and learn from them.  
I spent my studio time from the beginning of class until the end really focusing. Me and Mrs. Hull have this thing where I always play music for the class to set the tone for the class. I feel the music I play really gives me a piece of mind; it sort of relaxes me relieving myself of stress that may have attached itself to me from previous classes. During class, I  always seem to have my usual conversations with Mrs. Hull who unfailingly tells me that I am in a non stressful environment where I am free to create any artwork I put my heart to.  Whenever I get really frustrated with an obstacle in the assignment, Mrs. Hull brings me back down. Even though I still get upset with myself, from her I have been able to truly understand that I am not only here to make art but also to experiment with new concepts,  types, styles, methods and even aspects of working that I haven't been fully exposed to yet. That in this environment,  I have complete freedom to create-- both to succeed and to fail-- inevitably leading to confidence and certainty about my art and direction. Through this process of trial and error, I have discovered a better attitude towards art. I know now that art is a trying process where you will fail tremendously before beauty comes along. But the key is to never give up. 
A key component that others should know about the process of making art that really helped me complete my assignments is to work every day-- not when you feel like it, not when inspiration strikes. In this day of the world, you make your own inspiration. You won't progress by staring at a blank sheet of paper waiting for inspiration to magically come upon you. For some, it may work, but that's always never the case. Completing an assignment that you could actually say you are proud of, and in this case, an art piece takes time, just like any other duty you will take on in the years of school. And for others who don't fashion their art class and truly believe they don't process the artist's eye. My advice is,  either get serious about meeting the requirements of the art assignment or prepare for the low grade you will receive. Even if you aren't best compared to a person who can draw really good, this class is an easy A. You hold possession of what your turnout grade will be, and I say takes this advantage and put effort and time into whats assigned to you. The endgame here is figuring out how to overcome this obstacle, thereby maximizing the value of what is most important in the end.