Week 10 Art- Project- Sharron Norton

In the second  quarter of my art class, we were giving 5 major assignments and these art pieces resulted in the finishing of blind finished contour drawings, creating my own art piece, remaking of a famous piece of art, illustrating from a piece of writing, and photo editing . During the process of this task to complete, my creativity was unleashed. From these assignments, I was able to truly have faith in myself as an artist and test my resourceful talent that has been hidden for so long.

My artwork is about the excitement of exploring with your eyes, mind and spirit the unique and the mysterious. The work that I create in Mrs. Hull’s room is created to have immediate impact and long lasting power, personally for me, atleast. My art pieces are very meaning for to me because its about  doing what I never thought I could do that I never thought I would actually had the time to do before. And from the process I completed in every class period, the paintings and art pieces had  engaged me  by their power of color, motion and imagery and  eventually moved me  into a sense of wondering and curiosity. Right then and there, I was beginning to be pulled in--to be involved in the process of discovering all the variety of shapes, the dark and light spaces in between them, how they're connected, float or seem to move fast across the paper. And to my surprise, I would return the next class period  to the painting and find new insights and associations with the imagery that I would then add to me  overall sense of experiencing the original beauty of the creative process. When completing I knew once placed in my room, that they would  energize it and me as well.

Looking past the obvious, close observation and engagement is major key during the process to making art work.  The challenge is to see beyond the distraction of  self- doubt and to just go with flow. Capture the  uniqueness within yourself and your work. The advice I have for others is enjoy your experience and don’t deprive yourself from greatness. Even if your spend an entire class period just pondering multiple ideas of what you want to create in your assignment, that's fine.  It may not seem like its progress, but let me tell you it is. The process of creation is in a constant state of decay and renewal. I say this because you won’t have anything unless you bring your artist side to life. Set it free to explore and be open minded to trying new things. Even if it may seem unusual.  My goal is to inspire those who to discover beauty in unusual places.