Week 9 - Day 1 & 2 print/mat

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My element is platinum,the chemical symbol is Pt, and the atomic number is 78. Platinum is one of the most expensive metals, it is used in car exhaust to make the exhaust less toxic, and is used in the jewelry, like rings, and necklaces. Platinum is also used in advertisements, to sell certain jewelry because it very valuable, it helps sell art.

I got the idea for my imagery from the internet, I was researching stuff about my element, and I found some picture that I thought that I could use, then I mixed it all together and it formed my imagery. I decided to pick an image where the ocean waves were pushing away a huge rock. To make it relevant to my element I had the outside of the rock carved out with the chemical symbol,Pt. I kept the waves the same, and added on little money bags on the swerves of the waves because platinum is one the most valuable metals known.

When designing my print/matt I had to first figure out what my element would be. Then I had find a picture and research the history about my element. After that was completed, I had to draw my image, and trace it onto a thin sheet a paper. Next class I had to carve our image out from the paper I had traced it onto the day before onto a foamy type piece of material. When all the tracing was completed the printing began. I was instructed to print out six prints of my drawing. Last class, was creating my write up for the print and posting it on slate.

If I had the chance to do my print over again, I would probably change my design to something between, and not so simple. I enjoyed every part of this project, specifically the drawing and printing part of it. Art is a number one's passion of mine, so drawing is really fun to do. Printing was interesting because I got to see my drawing in different colors and doing this taught me how to print in another style.