Week 9 - Day 1 & 2 Print/Matt

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My element is Titanium. The atomic number of Titanium is 22. Titanium is one of the strongest metals. It is known as the metal of the Gods in ancient greek history. Originally named Gregorite, after the British chemist, Reverend William Gregor who discovered it in 1791. Titanium is usually used in Aircraft and Spacecraft. For my print, since Titanium is known as the “Metal of the Gods,” I wanted to portray that. My print is someone obtaining the power of the gods.


To start out, I had to come up with a sketch. So I drew steps that were to represent a temple, and the man obtaining the power, with Titanium in the background. I had to trace that to another piece of thin paper. With that trace out, I would trace the drawing into a styrofoam plate. That plate would act as the stamp. Once the stamp is completed, paint must be applied and stamp the drawing on a piece of paper.


For this project, I would change my drawing. I found that my drawing wasn’t as amazing as I thought. Although, I enjoyed pasting my drawing onto paper. I always loved working with paint, so it was a fun experience.