Week 9 Day 1 & 2 print/matt

My element is Cu. Copper and an atomic number of 29. Copper dates back to the prehistoric times. There are reports of copper beads dating back to 9000 BC found in Iraq. Methods of using copper were also discovered by North Africans. It could be used in pottery, for making coins, which eventually became very important in the trading business, it’s also relatively easy to shape into whatever forms that may please you. Some compounds Copper is typically a part of are: Fluorides, Chlorides, Bromides, Iodides, Oxides,Sulfides, Selenides,Tellurides. I got the idea of the imagery I chose after looking up facts about Copper. To making my print I followed what we had to do for everyday we had art class. Day 1 negative space, Day 2 Research, Day 3 cut out, Day 4 rubber stamp ideas, Day 5 rubber stamp, Day 6 element print, Day 7 Trace and Transfer,Day 8 Printe element, Day 9 Matt print. Something I would do differently if I had this stamp again would most likely be the design of my stamp, I could get a bit more creative. The part I enjoyed most about this project was the printing our art with the colors of our choice, I did one that was silver, red, and green. I liked the way we took a tray with a rolling tool, dab it into the paint and role the rolling tools until it spreads completely around the object, then we take our stamp and coat it and print it onto white paper. I liked the way the paint spreaded throughout the stamp, and the printing is probably the most fascinating thing of all, because the paint like sticks to the paper like glue.