Wendy Tepoz Capstone

My name is Wendy Tepoz, my capstone is Stress Reliever. I had to think about our school four core values inquiry, research, collaboration, and presentation. . Since the beginning of the year I knew what I was going to be doing. My main question is 'Do animals reliever human stress?’, the reason I pick this question because I thought of both, people and animals. Half of the world is suffering from stress that turns into depression, also half of the world's animals are being killed because there isn't enough space to keep a lot of animals at the shelters. I decided to make a survey to see what people's answers would be about relieving stress with animals. I seen a lot of different methods that are not healthy to reliever stress, which made me think instead of unhealthy methods, people could be relieving stress with an animal that will love you as much as you will. I decided to put my question to the test. I had two volunteers that had no clue on what was going to happen. I didn't feel satisfied with only my study and my survey. I felt as if I had to do much more and give back to the animals in this world. I decided through out the year to have bake sales to raise money to donate. I bought cat and dog supplies and took it to PAWS as part of a donation and a thank you to the animals that help people smile. 
​Stress Reliever Survey 
Stress Relievers - Google Forms

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The source has provided useful information. I did not realize many people have notice having an animal has changed the way people live their lives. The article was very interesting to read. Reading this article has shown the many studies that has people noticing that animals have change the stress level in people homes and lives. I have learned in the UK the number of having an animal in a home has changed to 15 percent because of the way animals have improved people to have a healthy lifestyle. This source helps me know the knowledge that in other places in the world that animals are being viewed differently and not only has a pet wise but a pet that can is helpful for stress levels.

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This article may not have as much detail but it has many questions to test stress levels which help me realize that my survey needs to provide many more questions other that a “yes” or “no” questions. Many questions should be about disagreeing and their everyday life, and things that can help with stress that is differently to many people. This article has made me open my mind. I have to think about other people and different situation people can be in. My audience is students, I should think of what the students are going through with school. This source has helped me because it is as an example that would help me with my own survey and I will be doing two survey which this will help me provide interesting questions.  

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This source has many interesting facts, more about the mental side of stress. Stress can provide many symptoms to many people. Stress should be worked on and less stress is better for the own body. There are many stress tests which can be mentally or physically. This source helps me because even though its not about animals helping the human body reduce stress, I have learned about many different types of stress and the symptoms that it can be medically serious. There can also be a stress while sleeping, there are many ways to test stress but I am mentally testing stress. This source has helped me learn more about stress.

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This article I have read things that I have already learned. I have learned many things about the shelter and that animals have a lot of stress because of being in cage all day and the animals listen to each other barking everyday. The shelter employees have protections for their ears and animals do not which build up their stress levels. This article provides informations for me but its not exactly what I am researching because I am doing stress on humans and animals reduce the stress. This article has showed me that animals are having stress because of the shelter and because of being locked inside and can’t come out, learning that animals and humans reduce each other stress because having contact with each other.

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This article is a study that has been tested on kids that have special needs and different other children. The animals have shown that kids with special needs get real nervous around different objects and humans but having an animals warm and friendly has shown that the kids are calm around animals than other things. It has shown that many kids are happier in their household to come home to a pet to play with and walk, which improves the kids exercising because kids and animals(dogs) need a walk in the park and children need a playground to play. This article helps me because it shows the difference with the kids and the animals.

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This source has a lot of great information, animals can provide so much without people knowing because when people get too stressed it is a good feeling coming home to a friend(animal), its a good way to look at your pet and feel happy because they greet being  friendly. Animals have different ways of showing how much they love you, because you are the only person they love and know, and giving back to you, taking away the stress that comes from work and gives exercise when your pet needs a walk. This article has also made a study that men with AIDs have shown less depression when have a pet. This source is excellent because it has great detail of animals reducing human stress and how the animals are doing that.

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This source explains the way many people can relieve the stress people are going through, how many people turn to technology, yoga and many other ways to turn away from stress but most people don't know about the animals that can reduce stress and the benefit of having an animal. This source has provided me with a lot of information that people can turn stress into something they turn into a habit. This article has helped me because it is a way to show me things people turn and not just turn to animals and it has helped me with my survey because I can see which questions I can ask and how many people turn to this kinds of different things other than reducing their stress with animals.

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This source was unbelieveable, its is interesting that colleges are now turning to therapy dogs to provide to the college students and help them through stress while having major test in college. College students are now having more smiles and less stress because of having a therapy dog and spending time with an animal and forgetting their stress because they have a pet to spend time with. This resource has help me learn that real students with school stress are having positive effects when having an animal with them and having less stress levels and I can work off this source because its actual students have less stress in college which I believe is difficult than high school.

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This article has a lot of great information because of the college students have finals, and have to stress and crying because studying is hard and getting nervous, but a study shows that most college students spend time with a therapy dog has shown the students are calm and focus on their own work because they have spend time reducing their stress and relaxing and sometimes students have to stop everything and take a break and spend time with an animals. Students have said animals are a better way to spend time, and communicate because the animal does not talk and it keeps secrets, as of other humans can talk and can't keep secrets. This source is very helpful because many students have shown great decrease on their stress levels and the students have spoken out how it is better to spend time with an animal.

  1. Allison Lamond PAWS Animal Shelter.

"Donating To PAWS." E-mail interview. Dec.-Jan. 2014.

Allison Lamond is the manager of donating to PAWS on 100 N. 2nd Street(at Arch) Philadelphia, PA 19106. Allison and I have talked about donating to PAWS and the material that will be needed at the shelter. My plan was to volunteer at the shelter, unfortunately I am not 18 years old, so that would not be happening. I decided I would give back to the animals and have bake sales to gain money to donate to the animals at PAWS and have better home to the animals.