What Changed Our Mind?

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My project is a series of newspapers that show different opinions given throughout the civil war and years following. If you pay attention to it, the newspapers show certain years, corresponding with the pictures and situations going on at that time. The visuals indicate different opinions due to observations at the certain time period. This matters because it shows that even people on the unions side who had wanted to see the slaves freed became easily irritated with them and considered them wild and uncontrollable. It also shows how even though they were on the north's side doesn't mean they liked blacks, they just didn't like all slavery rules. Also most opinions and cartoons were made by cartoonist Thomas Nast. He was a north supporter and created the first image you see and called that the evolution of the world. He created it before the war was even over, trying to send a message of how the emancipation proclamation will change the circumstances most people were in. As you go through the series of newspapers you will see how the emotion was for blacks before the civil war ended and years after and during reconstructing times. As you come along to the last newspaper you see how what first was a plea to let blacks free turned quickly into a sign of help from the blacks. It seemed that they were trying to portray a message that the blacks were out of control and didn't deserve the right to vote.