What evolutionary advances have enabled humans to be able to write/communicate?

Over the years writing has been a tool people would use to communicate with others. Where did writing come from and how does it have an effect on humans now. It started from roman numerals, which were carved in stone they were backwards and interpreted in this way to many who wrote it. [1]. Over time had passed the writing got thicker and started to look very script. By the 5th century there were capitals, this was a different direction from where it started and added a different style to writing. [2]

During the writing, pictures started to form. They began from the Egyptian hieroglyphics. Many other religions had their own ways of writing and eventually this later led to Cuniform, Chinese pictograms and also Mayan glyphs. [3] People could communicate in their own writing. The only pondering thought left is how was the writing for communication revolutionized over time? The answer  might be that over the years writing is changed in put into different arrangements because it revolutionizes itself. The process of writing is still going on and who knows when it will end. Writing is a form of evolution. [4]

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Screen shot 2010-11-12 at 9.12.49 AM