What Happen's after a Revolution?

The world history unit of revolutions has been quite interesting. The French Revolution seemed to be an introductory lesson into the wider and more current revolutions that still exist today. Stages and methods of revolutions definitely changed over time and even some old methods are still used today. Revolutions are comprised of long oppression of a certain group/class and happen when that group has reached it's boiling point.

Personally I've taken a lot from this unit. It's very fun and interesting to be able to learn about the events that lead into a new beginning. Revolutions throughout history have occurred in only a few days, and a new nation was born. We as people take notes from each other, even if we are separated by oceans, in how to make the world a better place. The Occupy Wall St. Movement was the most influential protest-type movement in my opinion. It stretched across the entire world and infected every country and place. Revolutions, as seen from the current events in Ukraine and around the world bring us together. 

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Mali Fenning (Student 2016)
Mali Fenning

You had a really smooth intro and you had good facts. You included relevant revolutions that people would know about, so it was easy to relate. I liked how you talked about Americas revolution and how it was easier for us to have a revolution because we didn't actually have a government.