What happened in Japan? blog 1

Matthew Hamilton


For this project Ms. Dunn told us to pick a world issue and become familiar with it. The purpose of this project is to make us more up to date with current events and world issues.

            The issue that I chose is the Japan earthquake. The reason I chose this topic is because I don’t know much about it and I want to know exactly what happened.

            So far I have discovered that more then 14,000 people died. Another thing that I found interesting is that there was a tsunami and lots of landslides throughout the day. From my research I have learned that it was a very scary and harmful day for the world.

            I have three questions about what happened. They are how many people were lost or are still lost? Was Japan as ready for this as they could have been? And what can people do to help?

            The next thing I will do is try to find out the real story on what happened. I will do more research and will look for news articles from that day to help understand what was happening and when it was happening.