What happened in Japan? blog 2

Matthew Hamilton



As of today May 14, 2011 the death toll from the Japan earthquake is approximately 15,035. Authorities have stated that only 18 new bodies were found in the last 24 hours. It is a good sign that the body count is slowing down. People are working to identify the revered bodies. DNA analysis is helping with this matter. Even though many dead bodies are still being identified, the sad thing is many more people are lost at sea and will never be found or identified.

            On the other hand, Fudai, a fishing village on the coast of Tohoku lost almost every ship but no homes and only one person. How did this happen? I will tell you. Their mayor of 10 terms had a passion of a project which was to build a wall 15 feet high in case of a tsunami. He died before a tsunami ever came, however, when the March 11 tsunami did come it topped the wall by five meters but the wall held tight. Just a little water came over the top. The only person who died was someone who went outside of the wall to check on his boat. He really should of stayed home and written a blog.