What I believe cool is!

I believe that people that do things that are commonly looked down upon do it for attention and to be cool. For example people that smoke cigarettes in high school I think that it is done for the pure reason to be cool and to look cool. I came to this belief because when I was in eighth grade the coolest kid in our school was considered a badass because she did things that weren’t like what normal teen would do. She would do all these things that were just not appropriate for young teens and she would share her stories. Everyone but me wanted to be like her because they thought she was cool, but I don’t believe that doing bad things is what makes a person cool because obviously the majority of cool people would be like in jail or a drug dealer.

            Once when I was on a school trip we went to the beach and on the boardwalk, some of the guys thought if they stole something that they would look cool in the eyes of the women and be the spotlight of the trip, which they were. No, they did not get caught but when everyone looks back on that day we all think how much more stupid could one get? Now that we are in high school the idea of cursing to be cool and doing bad things to be cool are still around but people have learned that it is not cool to do bad things, except for the few who fall into the trap and have become a follower.

            If a young adult were to look at everything they did through the eyes of an adult they would probably do about 50% of the stuff they did differently and think it through. A lot of the things I do I think of what the consequences would be if you do them and what you get out of not doing the things.  I am a free person and can make decisions that could definitely ruin my future for good, but if you look through the eyes of an adult would it be something that they would do?

            What makes an adult cool? I’m not exactly sure what makes an adult cool because I am not one yet but I know that I have many adult like ways of approaching stuff compared to my colleagues. I believe want makes an adult cool it their sense of humor their wits/wisdom and their person interests such as what’s hip or something like following a sports team. Men do take risks as adults such as going to the bar and getting wasted and maybe having sex with someone but it’s nothing they would do to look cool it just what they do. Don’t make your self do things you don’t want to look cool.