10-20-30 what I think.

My purpose for doing this project was to learn more about what the world was like before I was born. A lot of things have changed now in days. My parents changed the music they listened to 20 years before I was born. Everything that was out back then is completely out of style now. I like that kind of music mostly because I was raised around it.


 The best part of the project was being able to sit there and listen to the resins behind why they loved it. Though my Dad didn’t really have a resin

besides the fact that he liked it. The resins were almost as good as the songs them selves. Music is a big part of my everyday environment. The music from before I was born was some of the best of it’s time.


 The hardest part was the articles because I could never find one from 1995 that I liked in the lest. When I looked I looked for hours and still couldn’t find anything I liked. Thoughs articles just weren’t up to my standards. I don’t exactly like the ones I picked but I couldn’t exactly find any others.