What If : Trail of Tears

​My Project 

My Sources 
  • What did you like about this project? What was most challenging?

     I think the most challenging part of the part  of this project was actually finding something to change and then put it together.

  • Describe the most interesting fact or event that you investigated.

    One of the more interesting things in this project that i investigated was the assimilation of choctaw indians. They really tried to blend and adopt our culture. Even though they did this they still were not accepted.

  • How do the actions of individuals impact the historical record?

    One person can change the course of a whole event. Making their impact a large one on society and history.

  • How do systemic changes impact the historical record?

    If a system changes then there has to be adjustment within the rest of the system. If any part goes without adjustment then a part of the historical record could be lost.
  • How influential can one decision be in the historical landscape?
    One decision as well as one person can change history very dramatically. This one thing can change a historical landscape completely. 
  • How could this project be improved?

    I think my project could be better if my design was a little better looking and if i had more sources.

  • If you had it to do over, what would you change about your process for the project?

    I would have gone over my idea with Ms.laufenburg a little more and i also would have chosen a different subject . Along with that i would have tried to make my sources look more professional or ask for more help