What If ? - Brown Vs. Board Of Education

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Screen Shot 2012-06-05 at 12.11.31 AM

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When it came to picking a certain topic to focus on I knew I wanted to think of What If with segregation or anything relating to the civil rights movement. Once it came down to picking a more solid topic I came across the Brown V. Board Of Education case. I remembered studying it during my ILP last year with the Marshall Brennan program and I knew I would be able to create a very solid project with this topic. The easiest part to me was picking what i could change, my divergence point. For this I chose to prevent the death of Fred Vinson. In this case many people believe that his death was a major factor in the final decision taken. Many believe that if he hadn't suddenly died segregation in schools would have continued.So of course I knew that making that my point of divergence would allow me to create a very solid final project. 
Once the researching came up I was having trouble focusing on certain things. In the beginning I didn't really think of sources that would help me with the final project I was spending time just looking for sources about segregation. Of course these were some kind of help but later on in the process I found myself trying to find other sources that would help more with the topic.Even though at first I had trouble with finding my primary resources once I got a sense of what I wanted and needed I found plenty of useful materials. Pictures,Articles as we all a Documentary. 

When it came down to determining how to present it I had a hard time choosing the final medium for this. At first I wanted to create a simple wiki spaces. Which then I realized that it would be too plain and I wouldn't be able to do much with it. I also later had the idea of making a weebly but I also wanted to be able to post the intro to the mock documentary I made and with weebly that wasn't possible. While I was thinking of a clever way to present this I came about a link to a project created by Christian Gelbolingo in Mr.Hermans history class. Once I realized that creating a website on this site was what I was looking for i got started right away. I found it difficult to get use to all the setting and what not but later on found myself enjoying the challenge. Compared to other sites it offered more then just a way to make a website but it allowed me to make it more appealing to my audience. Even though its a simple theme I still find it more appealing then a simple wiki space or a weebly. Not only that but I was also able to include the video I had directly on the website. 

Through out the whole process I was trying to find a way to organize it as well so it could flow and not be confusing. I decided to present the disclaimer and the introduction to the project as the first thing seen on the website. I then move on to including background story of what the case was about and the i start to slowly flow into the What If part of it all. In my opinion I include a lot of visual appealing aspects, very few writting but I keep it informative. Overall I am very proud of all the work I put into the researching, into the creation of my own primary sources as well as the creation of the final website.