"What If?" History Benchmark

For my final history benchmark, we took a very interesting approach to history. This quarter, we were sopposed to pick a moment in history, and change it. After we changed that one moment, we were supposed to predict three things in history that would happen because of the change, and as a result, what would life be like today?

I decided to change the second day of The Battle of Gettysburg, when General Robert E. Lee doesn't allow General James Longstreet to attack the Union Army from behind. History according to Stephen Holts says that Lee allowed Longstreet to attack the Union line from behind, while the rest of the army attacks from the front. The Confederate Army wins the day, and because the battle was so bloody, President Abraham Lincoln decides to let the Confederacy live the way they want by completely separating them from the United States. From the Battle of Gettysburg came the establishment of the Confederate States of America. 

Years later, the two countries are anything but friendly neighbors. They wage war all throughout history, with the bloodiest battles being right after the Civil War over the land in the west. 

Coming closer the the 21st Century, the two countries are still fighting over the same thing their ancestors did. The CSA maintains a process of immigration that the USA views as modern day slavery, while the CSA defends it saying that immigrants work for their place in the country.

The CSA and USA fight over many different things, but they also come together in certain situations. 

All of this is displayed in a documentary about