What If?–NaQuan Harding

​This is the link to my work.

The point of divergence in my project had John F. Kennedy's attempts to prevent the missiles in Cuba fail. As a result, the missiles are launched at America, putting the entire country in disarray. What follows in the following years would be a post-apocalyptic America where it's either kill or be killed. Not only that, but with the country essentially crippled, Soviet forces would move in on America, looking to take over. In all honesty, I had most fun in making the backstory of this "future" America, because it was always a subject that interested me. Dystopian scenarios always gave me that feeling of desperation, which is what really drove me to choose it as my future America. However, the most challenging was showing that through the medium I chose. I doubt that TVs and laptops would be working forty years after the country gets nuked, so I decided to go with a sort of daily newspaper column led by a mysterious man known only as the Journalist.

I definitely felt as though this project could've been made better if I added some sort of twist to the whole columnist thing, but I kept taking into consideration what this place would really be like in a few decades after being bombarded by several nuclear missiles and the limitations that would come as a result. I guess if I had to do this again, I would've added more pictures of a destitute America, just to really sell the point home. But regardless, I sort of had fun making this thing.