What If.. Osama Died in the 1980s.

  • I enjoyed this project because it allowed to me to show the world the direction I wish America would go in without pushing my opinions on anyone else. The most challenging obstacle was overcoming my fear of "What if I do this? Then someone saying well that's not how it would've happened. The project really showed me that the world is a lot more like teenagers in high school, than it would be like adults. In my project, I have one person completely changing the way the past 30 years happens, and he isn't even American. Systemic change causes the history of everything to be altered, because all we really have is within one system or another and if we change one little event, it could start the snowball effect. This project could be improved by.. I don't really know this was a well designed project. Maybe turn this into a quarter long project, the first half being about making your change, then the second half being grouping up with 3 or 4 others and seeing debating how the world would change if we all did our events. If I had to change my process, I would find different sources, less about Osama and more about Middle East relations.
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