What school did you come from ?

Artist Statement:
What I set out to do is tell my personal story about the different school environments I've been in and compare them with my peers. My work incorporates the art of storytelling because in the video I created, the students are in fact telling there own story about the schools they attended. In the film I ask a series of questions in which they go in depth with their answers so the viewer can possibly relate to some of the stories being told. I hope that the audience gains a better understanding that even though we all come from different school environments we all have the ability to do our best because we all got accepted into SLA and enrolled. I personally gained a better understanding of how to tell a story and one that is not just my own. I feel like making this film helped me gain confidence in myself that I can be storyteller.
Personal Story:

As a young child I have always loved school, learning new things everyday was always just a wonder to me. Math in particular has always been my favorite subject, there is just something about numbers that I really enjoy. Problem solving has always come naturally to me even in everyday situations, knowing that I have found the solution to things has always been a good feeling. Growing up, I attended a private school called Ivy Leaf located in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia until it closed my 6th grade year in 2008. Ivy Leaf was an all black private school and I loved it there. I still until this day communicate with some of my friends from there. After Ivy Leaf my parents enrolled me into St. Raymond’s an all black catholic school also located in Mt. Airy. My first impressions of the school weren’t so good. It was smaller than what I was use to and I wasn’t entering school with people I knew. After a while I started to warm up to my peers and eventually made friends. Now that I’m in high school enrolling into a public school was a different experience but not that much because SLA is so much different from other Philadelphia public schools. There were a lot of new things I wasn’t use to, such as not having a uniform or dress code, taking public transportation to and from school, using a laptop as my foundation of learning instead textbooks, and having classes that were vastly diverse. At first SLA rubbed me the wrong way but now that I’m a senior I’m actually glad I came here.

Below is a video of me interviewing my peers on their experiences at the school(s) they attended: