What Should I Do?

*Phone rings:Girlfriend calling*

*Jermaine picks up phone, and sits back down*

“God, what am I going to do? Please help me......”

*Phone rings:Big Brother calling*

*Jermaine answers call*

“H-hee-hey, Bruh...Watchu mean why I sound so nervous?...Why you still up anyway?...I’m not avoiding the question...It’s kinda late to be talking about it, man. Moms sleep and Ion wanna wake her...Well..Okay, so to be honest bro, I gotta huge situation going on...You remember my girlfriend, Leah?...Yea her, well uhm so I made a huge mistake...You know the crazy jawn round the corner?...So me and Leah was you know fighting and shit  and I uh-...uhm I uh-..sorta cheated on her with the jawn...Yeah I fucked up, but that’s not even it....She pregnant.

That bitch lied and said she was on the pill...and my dumb ass did the worst thing...Yup, I went in raw...*Looks at phone and other line rings:It’s Leah* I keep ignoring Leah’s calls and I know she snappin’....I want to tell her, but I have another plan...Ima try and get the jawn to get rid of it, she’s only a couple weeks and I can’t afford to lose my scholarship...You know that, and I love my girlfriend...I know I shouldn't have cheated, you don’t have to rub it in...Not to mention how mom would kill me if she found out. I’m not ready for no child...I know man, you’re right, but I’m going to college and play football on my scholarship....ARE YOU CRAZY? I’M NOT DROPPING SHIT FOR THAT BITCH !...That baby probably not even mine*laughs*...I know this aint funny...I didn’t even tell you that the jawn is Shemekia...Yeah, that’s the jawn that cut that boul...what’s his name?..Yeah, but I think she tryna trap me, bro*puts head down*...Mom said that all these hoes want is a dolla’...I know I shudda known, but it was good at the moment...And you know I’m not tryna be like him*starts crying*

He’s the worst. I would never leave my child, but...I HATE HIM!..Damn, man. Ima wake moms up yelling, dawg...I don’t understand how Dad could do that. I swear he ain’t shit...How he gone leave moms for that ratchet philly bitch?! She knew he was married...Man, these philly jawns be outta hand, no wonder why niggas treat them the way they do...what you think I should do?...You think I should talk to the jawn? Or nah?*wipes face*...Ion know man, I’m really thinkin’ bout this abortion*shakes head*...I know it’s the wrong thing to do, but I love my girl, and I’m not tryna miss out on this opportunity to this college...I should have thought about this before I even...Yeah I know, but...Ya right, Ima just think bout it and Im-*Girlfriend calling*Listen Bro, Ima call you back. My girlfriend calling...Yeah, Ima just be honest wit’ ‘er.*Hangs Up* *Answers Call* Wassup babe, I think we need to talk...