It had been  while since I did my last blogs, so If you need a refresher, here they are: Blog #1 and Blog #2 The reason that it has been such a while is that I have been working on my Agent of Change section of my You and the World project. The Agent of Change section is after you have done research on your issue (hydraulic fracturing was mine if you need a reminder) and are ready to go out into the world, and use the research you have done to make your world a better place.

As an Agent of Change I sent a letter to President Obama. I printed up a poster sized letter, and had lots of my classmates sign it. I got 42 signatures on the letter, and am hoping it will draw the issue of fracking to the president's attention. At first my plan was to volunteer at a few river clean ups, but the one I was postponed and I could not attend. I then found about that Sierra Club had letters for people to sign, and then send in. My plan was to get as many people as possible to send in a letter. I realized that this way is not very accountable, so instead I printed a poster sized letter that had the same message, and got people to sign it. At first I had trouble getting attention from my school so that they would sign the letter. One day, I finally made an announcement about it and told people to come sign it at lunch. I received lots of signatures that day, and even had people requesting to sign it after lunch.

This project had affected me because I feel like I can make a change in my world. I can not say that this letter is going to win me a Nobel Prize, but I feel like I can express how I feel about an issue, and act on it. I even have an example of that. At my school next year we are going to face some major changes because the current proposed education budget next year will be cutting a lot of important, and essential things. I have participated one protest so far, and plant to join in others. I feel in some ways that I would not have had the confidence to attend these protest if this project had not shown me what a change people can make. I am not just talking about myself here, but also some of my other classmates who have done some really amazing things, and I have been honored to assist them with.

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