Where Girls Grow Strong: Michelle Angela Ortiz

Ubicado en: 1422 Callowhill Street, Philadelphia, PA

3 cosas que este mural revela sobre la comunidad:

  • The community supports women to standing up for themselves

  • They want girls to reach their full potential in life

  • Encourages them to strive to be in higher positions of power

2 objetos, imágenes, frases o palabras encontrados en el mural:

  • “We reach for the stars, for they hold our dreams”

  • Various women are depicted receiving awards and medal

  • There is a large image of a girl scout in the middle of the mural

1 razón que es significativo para este comunidad:

This mural is significant to the community because it encourages girls to be want they want to be, and it also influences them to make a difference in their community. Furthermore, it displays what great organizations like The Girl Scouts of America have been able to do through the years they have been running , and it highlights their accomplishments. Therefore, setting a good example for all the girls in this community.