Where I'm from by Maggie Long

I am from the bugs and insects,

the lawns and trees.

I am from know-it-alls and wanna bes,

I’m from the 2 car house and swingsets.

Im from stars and late nights,

And carnivals for school.

I am from Allentown.

Im from friends next door and diversity when I walk down the street.

I am from the city where I make friends everyday.

I am from the trees being bombarded with gum,

Big ducks going down the street.

I am from, “Where is the constitution center?”

Im from the block parties and college parties.

The flags of each school coloring the city.

I am from the homeless trying to get pity.

Im from the cornerstores supplying lunch for kids,

 and thrift stores supplying clothes.

I am from the sprinklers in the streets and the water hose.

I am from “Do you want fries with that?” and culinary masterpieces.

Im from Cheese steaks and football Sunday.

I am from Philly.