Where we left off..

Since the last time I left off, I've learned a lot more about why teens might commit suicide.

Remember how I mentioned the girls that made a suicide pact and got hit by the train? Well, I talked to my friend who knew the one and I found out all about what made her want to do such a horrible thing. Her father had committed suicide a little while ago, her and her boyfriend were going through a rough time. Her mom was having trouble raising her and her siblings by herself. So as you can see she had a lot going on. With her dad committing suicide alone had to be a lot for her to handle. On top of all this she had school to worry about. Her life was very hectic and she let it get to the point where she thought she would be better off if she wasn't here anymore.

However, teens find many other reasons to commit suicide. For example bullying. Bullying can be so hurtful if you let it get to that point. Another reason could be stress. It's just easier to end the stress by doing this. Another thing could be family problems. Like in the case above, with her dad. It was to much to handle. Or maybe a divorce or new dad/ mom. You never know. That's why I feel it's important to be nice to everyone because you don't know there story.