Whitney Washington : Artist Statement

I got into the work I did because of the assignment list, some of the work I enjoyed more than others. for example, I hated the self portraits, but I loved the choice art work. This quarter, my goal was to do work that I enjoyed and have fun while doing it. Last quarter, I tried to do all my work and just get it done and over with. But, this quarter, I just wanted to enjoy my artwork for what it was, which is why I didnt complete al of my assignments. I felt as though me enjoying my work, and putting my best work out was more important than rushing though and not being proud of what I was doing. In essence, quality was more important than quantity. 

During the course of my work, I make decisions as I go. If I feel as though I need to use a charcoal pencil instead of a graphite pencil, then I switch . If i feel as though I need to use a marker in a pastel drawing, I will ask Emma, or just go with the flow and either love it or regret it later. I always use the same type of paper, but when I choose my themes, I have a very awesome technique . I put the thought in my mind of what I am suppose to come up with as a finished product, and then I start with a pencil, and just go to town with that piece of  paper. My goal for next quarter is to not oly get all of my sketches and drawings finished, but to also enjoy my work. 

Although I am not working on anything right now, I am always thinking about how I can transfer my thoughts, emotion, and inner self into my artwork. I want to be able to transfer me emotions into my artwork, but for people to be able to appreciate and understand it.   

Screen Shot 2012-01-31 at 9.14.52 AM
Screen Shot 2012-01-31 at 9.14.52 AM

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