Whitney Washington Reflection Libby Montana Asbestos Contamination

After the initial infographics we made were proven to be completely incorrect, we worked quickly and hard to get the second set finished, and I believe that that went well. We were not very organized, but overall, we overcame that problem. If i could go back and change things around, I would have made sure we understood the project description before hand. 

Be Concise- We knew or information very well

Be Visual- Being visual was accomplished, but the words were too small :[

Be Smarter- We believe that we were very smart about the information that we did decide to use.

Be Transparent- We were transparent in the sense that we were un biased. 

Be Different- We chose a different approach than that of our peers

Be Accurate- We presented 100% correct information from our sources

Be Attractive- I looked pretty darn good the day of the presentation :D 

Be Varied- The different styles of presentation we used in our project were different for each person

Be Gracious- being gracious did not work through out project becuase the topics did not flow well

Be Creative- We werent too creative 

Asbestos Contamination