Who am I online, Koffi

1) In class we watched a video on  the act and results of bullying. In the video a young boy is bullied and without interference of bystanders his day gets worse and worse. This video helps to depict the role that bystanders should have in helping someone who is getting bullied and how important it is.
2) I feel as though bullied is something that shouldn't happen and there are steps that can be taken to prevent it but the idea of completely getting rid of it isn't realistic.
3)I am always on line. I think that online I'm the same person I am in person but I can't really see myself in a third person perspective. I hope that the way I am preiceved online is positive.
4) When my name is searched on google a emo rock band comes up. I am in no way connected to that band so I honestly don't know what my impression would be.
5) The goal of internet trolling is to disrupt an ruin others' experience online.
6) The positive thing about anonymity is having the freedom to say or do what you want. Negative include, having no restrains for trolling because you think you can't be tracked even though you can.

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