Who Am I Online? Reflection

1. In class we watched a video about a boy being bullied and what things could prevent bullying.
2. The classroom activity today, was to look yourself up on Google. Following that, you would look your partner up and describe what came up.
3. The video made me realize that anybody can prevent bullying from happening. 
4. Online, when I searched my name, pictures and links about Lauryn Hill came up.
5. If somebody looked me up on Google they would think​ I had something to do or that I was even related to Lauryn Hill.
6. The goal of internet trolls are to make others feel bad about themselves.
7. The negative effects of online anonymity are that you can continue to be bullied and not know the perpetrator.
8. The positive effect is that nobody will judge you based on what you look like because you will be anonymous.