Who Am I Online? - William Huang

Part 1 - Group Work (answer these bolded questions in this Canvas assignment)

1. Google yourself.

     a. What did you find?

I found a bunch of doctors and some actual comments I wrote in YouTube videos in the past.

     b. If you didn't find anything, who did  you find that has your same name?

I did find some things, although most of them weren't about me. Like said, I found several doctors who shared the same name, along with a couple of comments I posted on YouTube videos in the past.

     c. If you did find yourself, what kinds of things did you find?

I only found some comments I posted on YouTube the past.

     d. Why does that matter?

It really does not matter. However, what I say in these comments will leave a permanent mark in CyberSpace.

2. Partner up with someone Google each other

    a. Create a 5 word impression of each other - If you can't find the your partner online, then describe the person that does show up when you type in their name. (*remember EMPLOYERS DON'T ALWAYS KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE, HOW OLD YOU ARE OR WHERE YOU LIFE)

I did not find OUR David Roberts, but I did find someone who blogs about energy and politics on Twitter with the same name.

-Guy who blogs about energy-

3. Share your 5 word impression with each other. 

    a. Does this impression match what you think your online presence should say about you? Explain in two sentences why or why not.

No, this impression does not match what I think my online presence should say about me. For the most part, I'm not even on the internet. I have no interest in medicine and I don't plan on going into such a field.

    b. What are the 5 words your partner used to describe you from the Google search of your name?

-Asians with degrees in medicine-