Who am I ONLINE part two reflection Matthews,Lauren

Screenshot 2015-11-13 at 8.46.28 AM
Screenshot 2015-11-13 at 8.46.28 AM
1.The video that we watched in class today was about a boy who was being bullied.In the video the was a eye emoji to represent how if someone was to click the eye his life would be better. When you clicked the eye his life got better and if the eye wasn't clicked on, his life would be bad. The eye is to show that we see the boy.
2.The video brings to my mind that it the same as bullying because when the eye is not clicked on, people will still get hurt and still be bullied. The eye indicates that we can help and that we see those who are being bullied.
3.When I look up my name online I am a business worker.I have no back round of myself. 
4.Based on this appearance, people will perceive me as a busy and hardworking.
5.The goal of internet trolls is to see people be hurt and too get bullied.
6.The positive results  is that if you have a positive back round, it is good for applying for jobs. Some negative results would be that if anything bad appears then your out of luck and can't be eligible to work.