Who Can I Trust ?

Growing up isn't easy and sometimes neither is making friends. Knowing who is real and who is not, lets you know who is trustworthy. Coming into a new environment with new people comes easy for some to make friends but for others it takes time. This podcast is about my friend Imani and how she feels about trusting family and friends.


Who Can I Trust Podcast_

Crossing boundaries can be for the better and for the worse but in this case it was for better. Doing this interview I learned a lot, like how worst of enemies can become the best of friends and sometimes it can be hard to trust your own family.

When doing the interview it flowed really well and I got everything done in one take. After the first question she felt more comfortable and the conversation got more interesting even making me want to hear more. Editing wasn’t really a problem either, I cut out weird endings and added intro and outro music. Hearing her stories also made me see her personality for a different point of view instead of asking as a friend, I asked her as a curious person. Sometimes someone’s life wasn’t always what it is now and things from their past effected their life today.

The feedback my peers gave me was very helpful and influence a better idea in what to say in my intro. I agree with a lot they said and over all they said I did a well-done job in my draft. Over all I think I did a good job, I’m happy with my final product.