Why Climate Change is an issue now.

Have you ever wondered what has been going on with climate change?

It feels like once a year on earth day a teacher will bring up climate change and helping the earth, then that’s it. Climate change is an issue that will only continue to increase as time goes on. Yet no one is doing anything about it. According to multiple sources scientists can already see the effect the mid-20th century has had on our world and environment. Scientists also believe that most of the warming to our globe has only occurred within the last 40 years. We have seen some of the warmest years ever throughout the last decade. According to Nasa “Carbon Dioxide up 415 parts

carbon graph
carbon graph

Carbon Graph

Along with the rise of Carbon and Temperature, Climate change is having a big impact on our oceans. According to Nasa’s evidence website “The ocean has absorbed much of this increased heat, with the top 100 meters (about 328 feet) of ocean showing warming of more than 0.6 degrees Fahrenheit (0.33 degrees Celsius) since 1969.6 Earth stores 90% of the extra energy in the ocean.” Ocean warming affects our food supply of fish and other animals. On the topic of food supply, According to Global Change “Climate disruptions to agriculture have been increasing and are projected to become more severe over this century, a trend that would diminish the security of America’s food supply.”. With changing weather some areas are seeing new and invasive species of pests which affect crops.

In school, you might have heard of the greenhouse effect that’s a big contributor to global warming, the BBC’s “What is climate change?” The article explains this perfectly.

bbc greenhouse visual
bbc greenhouse visual

BBC Greenhouse Visual

This article also gives a really detailed graph on our weather/temperature patterns over the last 200 years

temp graph(BBC)
temp graph(BBC)

BBC Temp Graph

As you can see in the graph, there have been spicks of cold and spicks of hot temperatures in the past but what we are currently seeing isn’t that, it’s an upward trend of hot temperatures that won’t be stopping anytime soon.

At this point, we have seen the evidence and proof that climate change is a real thing and the effects it’s having on our economy but you might be wondering what are people doing about this? Unfortunately, Climate change prevention/research is something that is funded on “Extra Money” as it’s not a big enough issue. There are a few things you as an individual can do to help, The biggest being donate to organizations that are working to help prevent further damage to our planet.

If we do not prevent/slow the current rate of warming, we could see detrimental effects as soon as within this century.

During doing research for this topic I learned a lot and sadly found out that climate change isn’t a top priority for our government. I also learned about the effects on our economy and food chain. I hope to learn more about the plans for future global warming prevention.

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