Why do I have lisp?

 “You talk funny”. Thats usually one of the first things I hear when I meet new people. It all started when I was in grade school on the school bus. “What’s your name”, “Pierce(ss)” I reply. Immediately I get funny faces from whomever I’m talking too. “Why do you talk like that?” “Do you have a speech impediment?” Speech impediment! I think to myself what’s that. To me the way I sounded was always normal but apparently it wasn’t. I was being criticized for my so called “speech impediment” that I didn’t even know about. “What are you talking about” I don’t have a (ss)peech impediment. “Yes you do! , You have lisp!”
   It has a name, my so called speech impediment has a name, now I will be labeled as the boy with the the lisp. I’ve always had problems with kids with their teasing. They would get me to try say words or they would Mock me. “Say Twizzlers or Snake”. I didn’t really care what people would think so I would humor them and repeats the words. “Twizzlers” and without even trying there was a lot of accent on the Zs.Yeah I can admit, this was the first actual time I felt insecure about my accent.