"Why I write"

Why I write?....
Sometimes I write because I am forced. Either for a journal prompt, an essay, a project, a letter, e-mail that has to be sent and various other things. Sometimes I write to get my feelings out. If I need to just write down something instead of saying it to people or spazzing out on people, for a lack of a better term. I write because it can be helpful. You can say anything and the pen, pencil and paper won't judge you or say anything. IT helpful sometimes just to have quiet time just to relax a write. Sometimes I write because I have to write the homework down for a checklist so I know what work I have to do. Sometimes I write because my computer isn't working. There are times I want to write and times I don't want to to write. But either way forced or not, I write. No matter when I write, I always feel like I writer even if I think my writing is bad. This is why I write.