Why I write?

​I write because it lets me get a chance to express my feelings/emotions. It let's me get a chance to speak my mind without everyone listening to me. Sometimes theres personal stuff that you need to let out and when you have no one to talk to it can help if you write about it.

I write because I have a very imaginative and creative mind. I never have a one track mind, it wonders, so when i write to get a chance to clear my head. I have a lot of things pop into my head and do not want to forget those thoughts, and writing them helps me remember.

I write because it is like a documentary about my life. Even if it is the simplest things that happens to me, I want to remember it in the future and it helps. I know that when i get older i probably won't remember what any of the things i write means but technically I'll have the memory because i wrote it down