Why I Write

Why do you write?

I don't know

It's a way to save my ideas,

my make-believe stories of worlds that live in my head have a home on paper

It organizes my thoughts,

Those family trees of my characters, their ages, interests, secrets, dreams. 

I write to remember, 

So my ideas won't be jumbled up in the every day thoughts that occupy my mind like a nebulous shroud.

I write to give information

I write so a form of my ideas can be shared with others

That is why I write.

The beauty of writing, thats another reason.

The scratching of a pencil

The swoosh of a pen

the click clack of keys

For some it sounds right, similar to the sound of a cleat hitting a soccer ball or the swish of a ball going through a basket. 

It belongs.

That beauty is something that cannot be replaced

That is why I write.

I write because I love it

It feels right, 

My gut tells me this is what I was meant to do

It is one of the oldest forms of communication

yet through the years it has never been replaced by any other technology. 

No one can upgrade writing

for it's strength and stubbornness

I revere it.

Thats why I write.