Why look for these three strengths in a high school student? 3 strengths: honesty, dedication, leadership


Growing up in complex environments obligated me to take steps to see three major strengths I see in myself. Honest, dedication and leadership, they are each specific in the way they came about transforming me, into a loving, caring, and outgoing human, not human alone, but a human being. I had many devotions coming from such a culture and different groups of people throughout my life experience. I’ve always been surrounded by a variety of different colors, it never ends just like the variety of colors in the color spectrum, but still, I found myself blind to some colors. I’m sure with time and effort more colors will be discovered, through diversity.

What makes an honest human being?

(1.free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere. Googles definition of honest)

Being honest comes with lots of trials and tribulations, in the harshest and stressful situations even telling a simple lie is difficult to avoid. Honesty is a skill which took many trials and errors through my life, even though I would know what not lying could put me in, I would take the truth because I have a sentiment of fulfillment and truthfulness. Many individuals, children as well as adults feel comfortable and safe to speak to me about their problems, and would know that I would be honest to them as to what my judgment is if it’s what they look for through me. I haven’t always been the most honest person growing up, in fact, my model is within the Islamic tradition, my role model is the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) he was a man which lived 1400 years ago in the Arabian Peninsula and has billions of followers in this current day. His companions said he was a truthful person, which is much heavier than honest, however, he never told lies, and even children would go up to him because of how just he was. I do my personal best to mimic his actions and do so even when the whole world weight is cared for by me in the process.

How is dedication acquired, and how do I regenerate its motivation?

(1. the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose googles the definition of dedication)

Dedication has been instilled in me from early on, when I was in elementary school attending the French International School of Philadelphia, I was obliged to add another language to my life, already being trilingual, and that was French. I am already dedicated to putting in hard work, but it’s once you realize the prizes you receive after that hard work that I was eager to apply more dedication in everything I did. In my opinion to be dedicated is one thing, but to continue to be dedicated is another, I pushed myself with every breath I take to refresh my mind and my body to be able to physically take on heavy burdens, which is many times very difficult to keep up with. Being dedicated means never giving up, and many times emotions will encounter you at the end line, and that is a way of celebrating your accomplishments. Just like an 8th-grade graduation, or a college graduation moving on to what life has in store for each in every one of us, we won’t all make it, which is what makes this whole dedication aspect fade away at times.

I’m a leader now

(1.the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. Googles definition of a leader)

I am what my fellow teachers and classmates look on to as far as leading, and possessing leadership fundamentals. Leadership is a skill which isn’t just developed through education or success it’s much more than that, the world's top leaders you will find that are not all successful, or intelligent, but instead have the simple qualities humans should possess, friendship, love, connection, and especially peace. As a leader in many situations I am able to control my emotions at moments of hardship, but really on the One, and Only Him. Me earning such status of being a leader came with work, from very young age my elementary teachers noticed something different about me, and really saw that I was special, it’s just now that I am seeing everything come together just like a puzzle, piece by piece until the full-scale image is revealed. I don’t always feel like I am built for handling the role of a leader, however, it’s to that point I pushed myself to so I must accept such a remarkable gift, and use it to benefit myself and others.


During my time in CTE Engineering Program, I will be able to use my three strengths which are honesty, dedication, and leadership by working with others around me. I believe teamwork will need those three strengths because first of all with a leader you have control, and with control, there will be fewer conflicts to evolve in a scenario. Honesty can be used in a formal or professional setting such as an Engineering Program since mistakes will be very relevant, and everyone makes errors. Having honest human being will save a lot of time complications within a Lab. Last, but not least deduction, it the firepower which drives pretty much everything, without dedication there no will of doing great, and achieving greatness. This is just the beginning, with time and focus these three strengths I believe to possess will grow bigger and strong, after the rain arrives the grass regrows.