Why them, What did they do?

 Our teacher Miss.Dunn gave us a project so we could get more in site in to the world that we live in. This is that project and it is called " You and The World". P retie catchy huh? 

 My issue  has always been two things Human Euthanasia  and Animal Cruelty. This time I went with Animal Cruelty. I choose this topic because I've always had one question for it : Why?

As for info...sorry I haven't got any yet. My charger broke so this is the first I could use my computer for three days. I'll post some shortly , but for now I can tell you the pictures I have found are horrifying.

I'll get around to my grammar later.

Ok So after some carful research I have found that there are three leading causes for people to abuse animals.
1) Because they don't know how to care for the pet the right way or forget to care for it.

2) Because they are young kids trying to impress a friend/group and give in to peer pressure,in these cases they most likely won't do so again.

3) These people are Physiological messed up and think that hurting an animal is fun or helps them be more in control. In this case there is no help.