William "Trey" Matthews Capstone

​Over the years, I've met many people who talk about faith yet show no outward connection to their perspective religious viewpoint on the matter. People might say, "If I just have more faith, then this or that will happen." Later, they wondered why faith didn't seem to work for them. This is why I decided to do this Capstone topic, in the form of a cartoon. Because I have been attending private catholic schools from 4th to 11th grade, and I wanted to share some of those teachings and perspectives to my peers of Science Leadership Academy. My main point is that faith isn't a feeling, and it's not a supernatural force to get God to give us what we desire. If faith isn't tied to our religious truth, then it accomplishes nothing. Faith is only as strong as the thing to which it is anchored. It may be true that a person might be full of faith even if they don’t feel it. One may be willing to act in faith (for example: to love an enemy, to protect the weak, or to respect a terrible boss), simply because they believe that’s what their religion says is true, even if their emotions and reasoning do not compel the action. With certain events occurring in today’s society, especially with the election of Donald Trump, people make the assumption that world is heading in reverse. However, my parents and Catholic education taught me that sometimes we need to look at the positive side of things and look at life with a different PERSPECTIVE; and that’s what my Capstone explains. 

Disclaimer: I am NOT trying to question or condescend someone else's belief. I just want to give a different perspective based on my past/current life experiences, with the help of others.